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Instant Office Tiempo: furnished temporary offices and coworking.

Since 1982 INSTANT OFFICE TIEMPO has been offering in Milan furnished temporary offices, coworking spots and highly flexible spaces in professional environments designed to host meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and all kinds of events.
Only for the time that you really need.

Instant Offices


Meeting Rooms

Since 1982 INSTANT OFFICE TIEMPO offers  fully serviced and furnished offices, coworking and highly flexible spaces in Milan, a professional workplace environment, designed to host meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and all kinds of events.
And only for the period of time that you really need !
INSTANT OFFICE TIEMPO offers the opportunity to open your office in Milan in just a few hours, without investing money, with extremely flexible contract solutions, aimed at providing the perfect space that better matches for your business, only for the desidered period of time and with the possibility  to redefine your business needs.

INSTANT OFFICE TIEMPO offers more than 80 furnished offices fully equipped with Fibre optic Internet connectivity, WiFi connection and dedicated phone lines. We also offer reception and secretarial services, and a 24/7 call center solution, ready to take your calls with customized answers and procedures.


INSTANT OFFICE TIEMPO also offers a new Coworking Space, a functional and affordable alternative to your own office, with the same facilities and benefits offered by our business center.

Furthermore, our meeting and conference rooms, available for events and meetings with flexible set-ups , can host between 10 and 80 people in a  functional and elegant environment.

INSTANT OFFICE TIEMPO provides access  to your temporary office 24 hours a day, and the reception area is ready to receive and welcome your visitors. The receptionists will help you  receiving your parcels, your mail, or photocopying and printing any document that you need doing.  We also offer private parking.
In the event of a power blackout, your business will not stop, thanks to a powerful energy generator and UPS system.

Complete access to ​INSTANT OFFICE TIEMPO is guaranteed by stairs, lifts and elevators.
​If you are looking for an office, a coworking space, or meeting/conference room, ask for a quote and visit us: we will make the perfect offer that better fits your needs to make sure your temporary office space has all the amenities you need to set up your business.

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